1 August 2020

Stinging Nettle

By Wackie Ju, Hector Clark & Cecile Huyn

Jackie Wu’s multi-disciplinary practice Wackie Ju incorporates art curations, fashion and multimedia. The design line of Wackie Ju focuses on the genderless nature in clothing with a concept of liberating sexuality. Jackie Wu's designing process lies in challenging the traditional social norms, decontextualizing and re-contextualizing the stereotypical ambiguous standards. The hyper feminine menswear collection took the focus of criticising the concept that from stereotypical hegemonic male gaze, sexualising hence embracing one's femininity is negatively seen as abnormal and shameful.

This photoshoot references the 1993 Tsui Hark film 'Green Snake' with a view to criticise hegemonic masculinity.

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