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29 June 2020


By Hélène Mastrandreas

To support @lerefugeofficiel, Hélène Mastrandreas "VOURKOTI" short film will be free for a week on Pressure Culture. Happy pride month!

I would like to live in a caring world where it is easy to express yourself. So, I take power over myself and I do. Let us support our different expressions of desire, gender with freedom and respect. Let’s be free to be whoever we want.
But to be useful it is necessary to act, so let's support @lerefugeofficiel a wonderful association which hosts and supports young LGBT + who do not have the chance to evolve from a safe space 💌 le-refuge.org/don 💌

Director @helenemastrandreas
with @rutherfordbigadventure @fleurgeffrier @apostolis_totsikas_official @regina_demina
Image @julia_mingo
Assistant director @christophegms
Styling @rebecca.renault
Make up Mathilde Blechet
Sound @maxeredussence Tristan Pontécaille Philippe Schillinger
Set design @jimmecloo @bigtime.studio
Editing Laure Saint-Marc
Sound editing Rosalie Revoyre
Re-recording mixer Xavier Thieulin
Music @remi_boubal
Production François Martin Saint Léon Barberousse Films

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