2 October 2021


The monster study: all the variants of a multiple personality

1. How and when did everything start?

All this started as a game, as a different way of having fun. Back in 2005 a group of friends started to “ride” to go to the clubs, and to organize thematic parties. From all of this, performance arose. After this, in 2014, music came. We will see what will be next! Hahaha

2. Who is Sansanonasnas?

Sansanonasnas is my most complete and absolute "I". Sansano is my last name and sansanonasnas is a palindrome of it. We all have two faces or more, which are ultimately ways of expressing ourselves.

My masculine side and my feminine side united through mixing, experimenting and playing with what has been troubling me lately. Fashion, art, music and performance.


3. What does define you as a creator? What does define you as a creature?

As a creator, performance is what I have been doing since 2005. It is mutating and I love it because, finally, it's what we all do during our lives. I am not afraid to mix, to play with all the elements before creating a creation.

As a creature we could speak of non-gender, of the mixture between the feminine and the masculine.

« The monster study, the study of all the variants of a multiple personality. »

The madness, the eccentric, the forbidden, the fantasy. Simply playing with everything that is close to me to grow and evolve. At the end of the day all this is an apprenticeship, don't you think?

4. Butterflies, flowers, feathers and jewelry as make up. Since when and why?

Since 2005, it all started with a break in my personality. Why did I start, I think I will never know. Perhaps there is something in me that leads me to always want to go further, are traits of my personality. Research and work, I am hyperactive and I have many artistic concerns that I develop through my performances and music.


5. What does ‘pressure’ mean to you?

Pressure is a brand that goes beyond aesthetics, it is social conscience, happy little sheep! hahah

6. Could you define your universe in 3 words?

Performance, music and fashion.


7. What is there in common between your aesthetic way of creation and your way of making music?

Everything is united, one thing leads to another. When you need another field of expression, you go from performance to music. That is what has happened to me personally.

I started creating looks, characters, call it whatever you want, and then I thought I had a lot to say and to express through my voice, through music.


Music is something that I have always carried inside and that I have always wanted to do and thanks to the parties and then to the performances everything has come together.


8. What else would you like to say?

« Art is the strongest tool we have. Let's use it and give this world light. »

Little more, I simply invite people not to be afraid to express themselves, to be their most sincere self. We all have something to say and art is the strongest tool we have. Let's use it and give this world light. Thank you very much to you.

Thanks to you, Sansanonasnas.

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