20 April 2020

Putting fun in functional

Stephanie D'heygere

1.Who are you in your present?

Flemish girl, living in Paris since 9 years. I design accessories. I like hanging out with my friends, I like travelling, flea markets and visiting artist's homes like Salvador Dali's house in Cadaques, Sir John Soane's museum in London or Brancusi's studio in Paris.

« I love that accessories fit to any kind of body, it's much more democratic. »

2.How would you describe your brain?

Very cerebral. LOL.

Lighter Belt - @d_heygere

3.D_heygere, for what?

D'heygere is my last name and also the name of my accessories brand. Since I launched my brand, I realized how hard it is for people to pronounce or spell my last name. But it's more charming than frustrating.

4.What’s the magnet in your creations?

« Steph, you put the fun in functional »

My brother's girlfriend once said: 'Steph, you put the fun in functional'. So clever of her! My accessories are conceptual and quite minimal; I'm not a big fan of embellishments. Straightforward designs, even though what you see is not always what you get because many of the accessories are versatile. I like to give some freedom to the wearer to express themselves.

(Ear) Ring - @d_heygere

5.”You can’t buy happiness but you can buy jewelry. And that’s kind of the same thing”. How do happiness and jewelry connect?

I think buying something in general that you like, that makes you feel or look good, brings happiness. I'm a strong believer of creating your own happiness.

6.How do you perceive human’s body?

I don't have such a strong connection with the human body. That's probably also one of the reasons why I switched from designing garments to designing accessories. I love that accessories fit to any kind of body, it's much more democratic.

Convertible Poncho - @d_heygere

7.What does “pressure” mean for you?


8.What is the best part of being under pressure?

I like to work under pressure, to work quickly and efficient. But I also love the satisfying feeling once the job has been accomplished.

9.What else would you like to say?

« Don't forget to get some fresh air »

Even though we all need to stay inside, I realized how good it feels to have a walk around the block! Keeps me sane :)
So don't forget to get some fresh air.

10.What would you wish to the world?

I wish the world to recover from this current disaster. It's very unfortunate that this is happening, but as it is happening, we need to make the best out of it. So for me it's the perfect timing to reflect on how to improve on every level. Hopefully everybody is doing the same, let's all blossom :)

Canister Hoops - @d_heygere
« Let's all blossom »

Thank you, Steph.

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