9 April 2020

Mediterranean youth

Glauco Canalis

In my previous years I have travelled often to Sicily, Naples and the south of Italy realising personal work and commissions.

In doing these work I developed a natural interest for the Mediterranean, broadly intended as a space and place with an identity of its own, that crosses borders, languages and skin colours. I have read many books about this area, from Fernand Braudel to Ian Chambers, Edward Lear, Goethe, Homer and many others.
Anyone who's been through, born or lived in the Mediterranean area, has somehow been influenced and shaped by its energy and culture.
Being Sicilian and having relocated to the North of Europe, has helped me to develop a detached perspective to the place I come from. Yet it has made my fascination and bond to the place I belong to even stronger, pushing me into going back as much as possible, investigating my roots and culture and turning it into an ongoing photographic work, which I declined into multiple series and commercial commissions.
The selection I propose, is an excerpt of my broader research on the Mediterranean. It focuses on the Youth, its fashion, its habits and lifestyle. The kids here portrayed are coming from different cities in South of Italy, mainly Napoli, Catania, Palermo and Reggio Calabria, and I hope to extend it soon to other countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Greece and France.

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