8 April 2020

I make it honestly.


1.What would you like to talk about in this lines?

About something that doesn’t bore me.

It’s your interview. How would you like to make it?

I would like to make it real and honest, as I will do.

2.What is your mission in life?

To find my true self and to live it fearlessly.

3.How do you feel talking about it?


4.Why art?

I suppose God had a plan. I’ve been doing art since I was a little kid. My mom said I was born with painting brushes under my arm instead of bread lol.

5.What kind of art define you?


« Writing frees me and helps me get rid of my demons. »

Into this multidisciplinary environment, with which expression of art do you feel better/more connected in this moment?

I always feel more connected to writing. Writing frees me and helps me get rid of my demons.

6.What is your power?

« Being real in a fake society. »

7.What is the most important knowledge have you collected during your life?

Do whatever u want to do, be honest, treat everyone with kindness, have fun.

8.To whom would you like to dedicate your tips?

To no one.

9.What “pressure” means for you?

I live my life pushed by my own huge pressure.

10.What’s the good part of being “under pressure”?

You will always improve.

11.How humanity is gonna develop?

I don’t know.

12.Would you like to blow a wish to the world? Which one?

« Respect everyone even though you don’t like everyone. »

Thank you, Jedet.

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