1 March 2018

Gaenus SS18 collection

By Marianthi Hatzikidi & Yiorgos kaplanidis

Gaenus SS18 collection ‘In Real Time ‘is a narrative of a migrant’s tale.
The collection is an attempt to present reality by creating a world inspired by photo- reportage images we have been repeatedly witnessing in our news feed.In this world people have a future, they don’t count in numbers and no borders exist.The use of strong colours highlights the presence of human life.Hand written luggage tags and quotes express the feelings of the refugee.Handmade striped fabrics in big and small scales play with proportion by recreating the silhouette of thermal blankets people use to protect from cold.
Gaenus traveled to Athens and brought the collection from concept to real life by capturing girls and children at Melissa Network.The Melissa Network operates as a hub for migrant and refugee women that promotes empowerment and active citizenship in the Greek community.Melissa Network’s vision is to support refugees and their children by creating an inclusive environment that promotes interaction, communication and exchange.
We captured the girls in the classrooms they learn, evolve and dream.
Through these images we introduce you to their stories and their great potential.

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