21 November 2021

Fairy Rooms

By Claudia Sicuranza, Magaajyia Silberfeld & Winta Ghebre

Queen of the Adriatic, city of lovers, Venice has many names but, regardless, its motto will always remain the same: long, linger, live Venice. As the Biennale of architecture is currently taking place from the May 22nd till November 21st, an ideal time to take a stroll, delighted to wonder in these uncrowded streets, no itinerary but only the pleasure and excitement of coming across Venice’s hidden gems. Venice’s heavenliness allure resides in its magnifcent palazzos, which most of them are relatively unknown, like the gothic-styled Palazzo Dona Brunsa built in the XIVth century, currently home of the Signum Foundation, located in angle of the campo San Paolo. The series Fairy Room imagined by Italian photographer Claudia Sicuranza, features French -Nigerien actress Magaajyia Silberfeld dressed in Paco Rabanne. Dossena’s FW20 collection, which is an etude aiming to explore the incongruity between austere and embellishments, is in symbiosis with the Palazzo’s atmosphere: a variance of famboyance, yet modest.

Anachronism is purposefully conspicuous: as the pieces are heavily inspired by late medieval garments, often destined to be worn by men to display power and authority, they are reinvented for current times and contemporaneous women. In front of Claudia’s lens, Magaajyia appears as a woman embracing the contradictions in her own identities, often divided between light and dark, strength and vulnerability, harsh realism and escapism through dreams. With this project, Claudia depicts the timeless occult spirit which inhabits these almost abandoned wonders but where the spirit of Venice’s glorious stories is still alive. Above it all, Fairy Rooms is the simple sequel of beautiful coincidences. Magaajyia stumbling on an exquisite palazzo while rambling in Venise to propose Claudia to seize this moment, to then sprinkling my words to recall this story: women crossing path to share and create together, shamelessly, creatively, impulsively, independently, freely as one should do and should be. "Winta Ghebre"

Cammino sospesa tra i raggi luminosi dei mieisogni. Ma non sono più sogni, ne ho fatto la mia realtà.
Ho dipinto le mie stanze con i miei colori, e vivo dentro le mie fabe. Ogni stanza ha il suo colore e risplende.
Tutto risplende a Venezia, la luce è magica e qui il mio sogno è diventato realtà.
Immersa in una bellezza eterea, senza tempo. "Claudia Sicuranza"

Special Thanks to:
The Palazzo Dona Brusa and the Signum Foundation, Camilla Cattabriga,
Anna Nafali, Paulina Przyborowska, Tank Steiger and Olivier Lexa.

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