15 April 2020

“Design for curiosity and progression”

Colin Meredith

1. Who are you when you are creating?

I'm my comfortable self: uninhibited and undistracted.

2. What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of “reality”? What is reality for you?

I think it's probably pragmatism. I can get lost daydreaming all day so reality to me is the structure that has the final word in my creative process.

3. How does your mind perceive clothes?

I perceive clothing as another form of communication. I see it as a tool we use to show our current state, or our approach to things.

4. Why do you think I'm curious to ask you this?

I'd imagine that my pieces embody my perception of clothing in some way, and probably look unique for that reason.

5. Design, for what?

Design for curiosity and progression.

What's the feeling of designing for Louis Vuitton?

« Even monolithic names like LV are still run by people like you and me. »

It feels exciting and really interesting to see behind the curtain of a big fashion house like that. It was a reminder that even monolithic names like LV are still run by people like you and me. It made things feel more attainable and I'm grateful for that.

What do you think about fashion today?

Overall I love it! There's room for a lot of growth, and many things could be better, but if it was perfect already then there would be nothing left for me to do.

« If it was perfect already then there would be nothing left for me to do. »
“Race Hoodie”, the roots of Luis Vuitton hoodie - @colin__meredith

6. Why jackets?

Usually jackets because they're the most visible layer of expression, at least where I live in Canada, haha!

How do you perceive fashion living and growing in Canada?

The Canadian fashion scene is a small and tight knit community, with new talent on the rise all of the time. I've seen some really exciting people/brands/retailers emerge from Canada and I'm eager to see what comes next for us.

What other pieces, besides jackets and pants, would you like to develop?

I would make everything if I could, haha! I've loved the prospect of making home items at some point, and I'd love to get the chance to design shoes as well. Anything I can get my hands on, I will!

7. What’s the meaning of “pressure” for you?

Pressure to me means responsibility and accountability.

8. What’s the best part of being under pressure?

The best part of being under pressure is exploring routes or ideas that you wouldn't have, without pressure.

"Swoop joggers" - @colin__meredith

9. How do you think humanity is going to develop?

I think that humanity will continue to become more mindful, considerate and creative!

10. What else would you like to say in this interview?

I'd like to say thank you for your interest in me, and that I hope that everyone reading this is safe and well in these strange times.

Thanks to you <3

Photo by Grady Mitchell
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