24 October 2017

Awareness Conscience

By Violeta Dai & Roman Kudziewicz

“AWARENESS – CONSCIENCIE” differenciates between awareness and consciencie. The first is related to the cosmic – universal connection. The secons is linked with culture and moldability – good and evil- represented by a Leviatan who configures the material reality, consciencie and the logic of being but making, sometimes, difficulties in conexion with awareness behaviours. Repetition of the text as a mantra helps to achieve this type of behavior.

The sense of being is to know how to distinguish this dichotomy and to orient oneself towads the cosmic deity that is found in the human body through the soul. Accept the logic of the Universe and be part of it, feel the power to connect and understand that being is part of a whole and all of this whole is part of it.

Krafla volcano in northern Iceland is the scenario chosen to materialize the above explanation. The most violent and opposing forces of nature – fire and ice – are magically fused. The Universe shows, one more time, the logic of be aware of power, of pure potentiality: everything is in the being and the being is in everything.

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