Hurricane from her latest EP "Dölma".

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16 March 2021

A ‘Hurricane’ to turn it into a diamond

Gabriela Richardson

Gabriela Richardson presents her video Hurricane from her latest EP "Dölma".

The video has been directed by Paloma Wool , shaping Gabriela's music with charming and delicate imagery. In 2015 GABRIELA appears with Hundred Miles, one of the most listened songs of her generation. Finally, in 2019, Gabriela launched her first solo EP going into her own sound, where she mixes the hedonism of pop music with a touch of melancholy.

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1.How is the hurricane you want to create moving your wings through this song?

This song is about facing and then letting go any type of fear or anxiety, be brave enough to dig in your emotions and embrace them.

3.What’s the meaning of sharing a cigarette in the video?

If you notice in the video every action is circular imitating the movement of a hurricane, like the complicity that you shared with your friends while experimenting revealing situations for the first time like sharing the first cigarette.

« High levels of heat can turn [a stone] into a diamond. »

4.What does “pressure” mean for you?

Pressure may come as a negative word. But someone told me that if you expose a stone to very high levels of heat can turn into a diamond. The same thing happens with humans, at times.

5.Why communicate through music?

Music has come as a very natural form of expression. The feeling or situation that I want to manifest becomes very raw and simple, it makes me understand my own self and other emotions in a smoothest way.

6.How is your relation with the wind?

« The wind makes me realize that everything passes... »

...even during the hardest times, and you can use these experiences to create something that in some way leaves a mark on people.

Thank you, Gabriela.

Watch "Hurricane", Gabriela Richardson's lastest video

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