2 May 2020

“A bow ready to shoot”

Milo Hammid

« What we are all aren’t we? »

1.How do you feel right now?

Fine, with all this confinement I feel like I had a second adolescence, this was my day to day then…lol.

2.Which object would you like to be in this moment? Why?

I’d say a bow ready to shoot… even though I’ve been in this phase of introspection in the past, inactivity is not something I currently enjoy and the strings are getting tighter and tighter. Not really a choice just a feeling.

« Strings are getting tighter and tighter »

3.What are the creative ways you use to express yourself?

Right now sounds and visuals.

4.How do you connect all of them?

I think they connect by themselves, since everything I do come from the same imaginary.

Either visually or musically, I think both ways lead to evocate the same energy, my universe and how I see myself at the moment.

5.What are humans for you?

Well… what we are all aren’t we? hehe, regardless that fact, I do believe in the theory of evolution somehow and I came to realize not everyone is in the same state of evolution. But at the end of the day, as species we are pretty awesome.

« As species we are pretty awesome »

6.What does “pressure” mean for you?

Actually I’m familiar with it, my generation is born in an era where everything happens fast, everything is consumed and everyone is a product…

It’s good to feel pressure, it means you are on the run, active, otherwise you would be dead.

7.What is the best part of being under pressure?

« It’s natural to get your skills upgraded when you feel you have something to prove »

Some people work better under it, I may be one of those… I think it’s natural to get your skills upgraded when you feel you have something to prove.

8.Virtuality and reality. For what?

Virtuality always has helped me to deal with existing, what reality can offer do not usually fulfill what I expect from life and how I see myself.


Despite that, keeping a good sense of reality and being aware of what surrounds you is essential.

9.Which advise would you like to give to the humanity?

Do not get neuralink.

10.What else would you like to say?

« Consume me
xxox. »

Thank you, Milo.


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