13 May 2020

0% “not human” being

Alan Crocetti

« Our reality can be as incredible as our fantasies »

1.How did everything start?

I started experimenting with jewellery in my final year of womenswear at Central Saint Martin in London. I fell in love with it, from the beauty of the materials to the intricacy of the making process. I didn't understand why jewellery was simply regarded as an accessory and why there was nothing out there to disrupt that idea. I wanted to elevate it, bring it to centre stage and redefine its importance in the industry.

I ended up dropping out on the verge of graduation and the jewellery I made for my final uni project caught people’s attention to the point that I got some editorial requests and invited to show a collection in London Fashion Week.

2.How do you perceive reality?

That’s a great question. From my work, you can tell reality is always distorted. It’s something I grew up having to hide from or avoid from time to time.

Ok, let's go there. I studied in a catholic school where I was made to believe that everything I felt was wrong and I was judged all the time by a higher power for simply existing the way I did: a gay kid with desires like any other kid. I had some sort of understanding and I knew I was queer from a very young age.

« Maybe the Devil was also a victim »

When I was 13 I remember thinking to myself that maybe the Devil was also a victim that had been made an outcast for simply recognising that we are all humans and that we all have emotions we shouldn’t suppress. In my head the same way Jesus had been crucified, the Devil might also have been. (Just so we’re clear, I am not a devil worshiper. This is a kid questioning his surroundings and as a free thinker, feeling there’s more than what’s imposed.)

With that being said, I started getting a lot of my references from science fiction and from surrealism because that’s what would take me away from my reality and that’s what would make me feel encouraged to be more than I was expected to.

Nowadays as much as l still like to live in my own world and as much as it has contributed to the man I’ve become, I have also learnt that facing reality and being vocal about my experiences can also aid those who are just starting their journey. Because our reality can be as incredible as our fantasies.

3.What is the meaning of physical pain for you?

My pain tolerance is quite high, I feel like the emotional pain is the worst kind and that’s why mental health should be taken very seriously. I don’t know where want to go with this question though heh

4.For what reason do your creations exist?

I like to think my jewellery work as an extension to a person's body and for me there’s nothing more empowering than that sense of self-awareness and self-love. Finding your armour helps you to stay in touch with those feelings. It grounds them in the material; in something you can see and touch.

« I am not saving lives but I do think empowering and giving people more confidence is a great way forward. »

5.How much of “not human” being exists inside of you?

0%. I am all human. Everything odd, weird, ugly and beautiful is what makes us different but equal at the same time.

6.What’s human's destiny?

I feel like after this pandemic, as hard as it may have hit us and as sad as it may be, it somehow made us understand and be more aware of how frantic our lives were and how much we have spent working and forgetting to live a little. How important our lives actually are and how priceless it is to exist. I hope we start treating ourselves with more kindness as well as others and the planet we co-exist in.

« I have high hopes for humanity. Probably more than I had before. »

7.What is your mission?

I didn’t start my brand with the intent to provoke or with any mission of breaking norms. I wanted to convey with my work a message that embraces individuality as an organic reality, as opposed to some kind of radical statement.

Of course, in life and business, I got caught in the system and what it entails to be “different” or to go against a certain grain. I feel in the end it is definitely an important thing to have a message out there.

My message is: Be true to who you are, be proud of what you are, and wear whatever you want to wear.

8.What does “pressure” mean for you?


9.What’s the good part of being under pressure?

I work better under pressure, deadlines push me to stop and make sharp decisions. I’m constantly changing things last minute and that drives some people that work with me crazy but I’m happy my team trusts me enough not to ask me fuck off.

« Pressure keeps me excited and somehow keeps me on my feet »

10.What else would you like to ask to yourself in this lines? Can you answer it?

I'm not here to convince you of anything I'm here to understand you and hoping to feel understood. That's the kind of world I wanna live in. I know many people wont buy into my designs but i feel like we should all respect each other. That's a way of moving forward embracing and celebrating everyone's individuality.

Thank you, Alan <3

Alan Crocetti
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