5 August 2022

Pressure Wrestling Mavrothalassa

By Theodoros, Ben & Panos

Special Pressure t-shirt for a special day at Mavrothalassa, our parents' village in Greece.

Like all the villages in Greece, Mavrothalassa has a special day related to his church Ayia Marina. During this day, people are going to pay homage to the traditions, eat, listen to live music, dance and see Wrestling fights. The fighters are covered with oil to make the fight harder. During the fight, musicians are playing live, entertaining the fighters and the public.
We spent all our childhood going there during summer and we grew up seeing these kinds of events which are very influenced by Balkanic culture.

Pressure became famous in the region and the village asked us this year to sponsor and promote the event. It's kind of a bit surreal but for us it was an opportunity to show you a part of Greece that people don't really know and to show the love that we have for our motherland by paying homage as we do from the beginning.

I would like to say thank you to Ben Popincourt who made this video with me last year. To Panos who took time to go there and take some pictures. To Oxentra and Deppy who took part in this ecstasy dance. To all our local friends who always help and share with me.
I hope you guys like this "different" way of showing Greece. Peace.

The t-shirt is available on our eshop.

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